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how to launch your product in the US market

Launching a product successfully is not always easy, especially when it comes to the US market. The US is a huge market, but be aware that there are many companies competing hard for business. If you’ve dreamed of entering the US market with a product, here are five smart tips that will ensure you succeed.

Be Referenced on the Amazon Marketplace

To understand the central place that Amazon marketplace represents, we must remind everyone that 1 in 2 products is sold online in the United States. Amazon is in fact the almost essential platform with regard to its undeniable experience in e-commerce.

Have a good address book (network)

In addition to being positioned on Amazon, the promoter must on the one hand physically take part in the various trade shows and conferences relating to his field of activity to increase his address book.

On the other hand, he must sufficiently present his product on professional social networks for his better visibility.

Address the right target

In the USA, it is thanks to the opinions of users of the product (customer) that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) enters into contact with his audience. Thus, it is the comments, « likes » and « shares » that will prove the effectiveness of the product.

When speaking to their audience on the site, the CEO should speak clearly and directly. He must say how the product is beneficial and provide information on its price. Because as they say, “Time is money”.

This is the reason why it is necessary to regularly update your marketing plan by reassessing the targets to prioritize. You must also adapt your sales objective according to the target.

Have a suitable site

It is also recommended to translate your site by a native (American) translator. Because speaking the same language as Americans and reviewing the design of the site in the American style is just as essential.

Regarding products intended for export, their presentation on the site must illustrate their compliance with administrative standards.

The prices of export products should be set taking into account the volatility of the exchange rate. To do this, the company must contact ORPEX for fruitful support.

Proceed with progressive implantation

This is the golden rule, a rule of caution since the country is quite large. It is therefore advisable to locate first in a city, then gradually expand to others.

Naturally going through local and renowned distributors until its full establishment. This method makes it possible to integrate the cultural, fiscal and legal differences of each state into its product.


The successful launch of a product in the USA requires a very in-depth study of the American market with regard to the selectivity of the market. This involves increasing its visibility, controlling the consumption habits of Americans, or even using the right promotional tools. Likewise, it is necessary to collaborate with local distributors and those specialized, to fix prices by adjusting to the variations of the exchange rate and finally to an update of the marketing planning and the sales objectives.


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