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5 Digital Marketing Tips

5 Digital Marketing Tips


You’ve already decided: you’ve set aside part of your monthly budget to start influencer marketing, and we’ll send you our heartiest congratulations, because you’ve made a modern, realistic and effective decision. But … not so fast.

Before you jump into the water, assess the landscape carefully, as this marketing strategy, like all the others, has its rules and its working keys. In the same way that a fashion designer adjusts his glasses to observe world trends before sharpening his pencil to make the first sketch of his collection, you should do the same with the options available in this invaluable strategy.

What are the secrets for influencer marketing to work?

  1. Choice of influencers: when you start to take our first steps in influencer marketing, the choice of our profile is essential. To choose the right one, we will study your audience. It should match our target, because otherwise we will win likes and interests, and hopefully, but we will not convert.
  2. Influencer engagement: beyond the volume of your audience, we will have to focus on engagement. In other words, do you respond to comments from your subscribers? Is this a sample of active listening or simply a monosyllabic response or represented by an Emoji to « get out of the follower »? In order for digital marketing to work, the influencer in question has to account for his empathy, which is not synonymous with Ks among followers.
  3. Define the objectives: at what stage of the sales funnel are we? What is the purpose of having the services of an influencer? Among them are brand, positioning, visibility, traffic, conversion and loyalty. Knowing where we are going will allow us to achieve the desired results and, of course, measure them.
  4. Agree on content: an arrogant article, a story, a live broadcast from your premises … the possibilities range from static to ephemeral, including the explanation and adrenaline of live and direct content. This key to influencer marketing is your web star’s acceptance of how you’ll promote your brand. The choice will depend on the audience of your brand and how they prefer to consume web content. When the influencer is experienced, he can advise you on this.
  5. Measure the perimeter: finally, all the efforts and investments that we have made must be measured in clicks, likes, prospects and conversions. Surprisingly, these elements do not act like the thread of a puppet which, pulled by a thread, moves a part of the body due to the force exerted. Therefore, more tastes are not necessarily more sales. This is precisely why, before measuring, we need to set targets; Only then will we know if our reach has been the desired one.
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